• Satnaam Shri Waheguru
I met Baba ji through a close friend Pritpal singh.In few meetings with Baba ji and attending his divine satsang I concluded that Baba ji is not an ordinary person but a true saint. Baba ji showed me the way about truth of life and spiritual living.He never put any restrictions over me,but indeed he guided me in a humble manner. He taught me teachings of Guru Nanak Dev Ji and enlightened me about inner soul, parmatma and naam simran.

Baba ji heled me many times in my life.My wife had problem of multiple stones in her gall bladder ones she had an attack of server pain in gall bladder at 2pm in the night.We were taking her to hospital.I called Baba ji for help.He said she will be alright within 2mins. My wife was screaming with pain.As said the pain got stopped with Babji ardas.We returned half way form our house stairs.

Our thanks to Baba ji

Once my brother in law's son was hospitalized with acute diarrhoea.The situation was almost out of control. Reports were very bad.I insisted Baba ji to do some thing to save the child... Baba ji did some spiritual procedure and reports got back to normal with in few hours.. It was doctor word that this has not been in history the amaing recovery.

I my self was sick from mouth ulcers from about one and half year.I tried many allopath and homeopaths but medicine was not giving cure..Ulcers were reoccurring again agian after stopping medicines.. One day i was exhaustd from this problem .I went to baba ji and told him i am very fristrated from this problem .Baba ji made holy water for me and told me to stop medicine.After one week almost pain and burning has i can drink tea.I am so thank full and speechless to Baba ji for helping me getting out of this problem.

Baba ji also helped me in my business with his prayers i got my struck payment from abroad, it was a big payment for me. Baba ji helped me many times to get new orders with his blessings. He helped me every time whenever i asked for help.Whether i contacted him in the mid night at the odd hours of the day.

In the end i would like to tell all the people who arre reading this column that every part of my statement is true and only true.I always need Baba ji blessings in my life.
Thanks & Regards
Jasvinder Singh

  • Satnaam Shri Waheguru
I was 32 years old when I met Babaji for the first time. It was his Satsung which mersmerised me. I felt as if God is indicating something and I am the only one listening to it. I felt that God is signaling that I have wasted so much precious time of my life without Guru's Naam. The life that I had spent has no value or sense for me or anybody else. Babaji showered his blessings and changed the person who used to eat non-veg food and drink alcohol everyday. Instead listening to his satsung and trying to follow it became my daily diet.
Understanding God from depth and closeness and guiding others was only possible for him. At the age of 34 years, I became Gursikh and did Sahaj Path of Guru Granth Sahibji. I got opportunity to stay with Babaji and learn so many things.
Babaji takes everybody's pain and trouble on himself and spreads only peace and love to the Sangat. This is a kirpa of Guru Nanak Devji on him. Today I am 41 years old. I had not survived if Babaji wouldn't have saved my life.
Once we were going to Gurudwara Nanak Matta Sahib and my car hit a person crossing the road. That person would have died if Babaji hadn't saved his life. He immediately did his Kirpa on him and also saved me from the police.
Today whatever I have – my life, my son, my home, family, everything is given by him. Even today I take his blessings, do everything as per his guidance and will keep doing so always.
I am truly grateful and would always remain his Daas. Babaji, please keep showering your extreme consecrations on me and my family always.
Pritpal Singh
K-62, Fateh Nagar
New Delhi-110018

  • Satnaam Shri Waheguru
Myself Sunil Ghai, who used to live without any identity in trans yamuna area of Delhi for 18 years from 1970 to 2009 with my family.
We were residing there and were deprived of peace of mind and happiness. During the period,we met Babaji in 1997, who got blessed with divine powers of Dhan Guru Nanak Dev ji.
Through his foresight he conveyed us that our home was captured by evil forces of "5 Pirs". With his divine powers he freed our home and ourselves from the clutches of evil forces. Through his blessings, we could shift to our new residence at Patel Nagar, New Delhi.
My daughter had very poor eyesight since childhood and was very thin built and weak.
Through santji's blessings and ardaas her eysight improved tremendously, through regular
intake of Holy water, my daughters' health improved and her body structure and appearance
became normal. Due to blessings of santji, her marriage solemnised in a very good family
and she is now leading a happy married life. Santji looks upon her as his daughter and
guides her in all the spheres of life. I would always be thankful to Santji and his family.
Guru Nanak Dev ji has showered his blessings on Santji. Santji has helped and guided me in all activities. Whenever i find myself in any difficulty and problem, I do ardaas to Waheguru. Waheguru always accepts my ardaas and remains with me in thick and thin of life and heals all my sorrows and worries.
All this could become possible due to blessings of Sant Inderjeet Singh. With his prayers,
Guru Nanak Devji's divine presence in our home can be felt and all our worries, sorrows and difficulties got removed and all my family members are leading a happy life.
Before meeting Santji, I was the most ignorant and egoist person having evils of Kaam(lust), Krodh(anger), Lobh(greed), Moh(attachment) and Ahankar(ego). Due to blessings of Santji, I follow the path shown by Santji and feel extremely happy. Whosoever follows the path shown by Guru Nnanak Dev ji, is leading a happy and contended life.
In this world there are millions of persons who are trapped in miseries of worries, sorrows and difficulties due to their deeds of previous births. We have to face the consequences of our previous karmas. We should think positive about others, be helpful to others and do Naam, Simran and recite Waheguru so that, we should be free from vicious circle of life and death.
Had Santji not supported, guided and blessed me, I would not have remained alive and would have died 18years ago. We should recite Satnam Waheguru always and presuade others to do Naam Simran regularly.
Sunil Ghai
Patel Nagar,
New Delhi

  • Satnaam Shri Waheguru
I am more than happy to share my experience with GOD through BABAJI thanks to babaji my age today is only 9 years because it has been 9 years i am being blessed by The Almighty and Babaji and-the rest 30 years i wasted without any goal and without any guidance. When i first met babaji i was under depression because of money problems and non satisfaction of my job then he just gave me one mantra Dhan Dhan Gurunanak Devji Naam di daat baksho ,charnan vich haajri lagaan da bal baksho ,reham di kalam wahao ,and told me just recite this before u go to sleep and see the miracle happenning and believe me miracle happenned .The best thing he adviced was not to fear GOD but just love GOD and rest GOD will lead u to success and more the sucess self assessment .
Truly speaking i was working for a pharma company drawing a salary of 10000 rupees and working as hard as working for 24 hours but babaji made me beleive that i was the man wroth more than i draw as a salary ,babaji suggested me to change my talent to entertainment and leave the job and start on my own and today it is as good as a dream i hav started my own company 5 years back named 3rd rock multimedia and left my job 7 years back and by the grace of babaji today u can google the name of my company along with my name Raj Suri 3rd rock and see the diffrence in my profile thanks to the spiritual guidance by babaji --
Thanks & Regards,
M: +91 9867675099
O: 022-26242783

  • Satnaam Shri Waheguru
Life is so unpredictable and always comes up with one or the other complications. Ever since my husband has started following the guidance of Babaji, we feel truly blessed. He showed us the right path to follow and has guided through the thick and thin of our life. He showered his extreme consecrations and today we are a happy couple, parents and a family. I personally went to take his guidance when I had to switch over my job. He guided me appropriately and advised me what all to follow and what all to avoid. I valuded his guidance and today doing great in my career. My personal life improved when he changed my husband into a new person. It was like his second birth, a completely different person. Whenever Santji senses some difficulty or tough time coming on us, he guides us to trust Almighty 'Wahe Guru'' and every difficulty just simplifies.
I am so grateful to Santji and would always seek his blessings. Without his Kripa, life is not possible.
Jaspreet Kaur
K-61, 3rd Floor
Fateh Nagar
New Delhi

  • Satnaam Shri Waheguru
I had the pleasure to meet Santji in 1998 for the first time. 3 years of our marriage had passed and we were yet to be blessed with a child. Santji through his divine foresight, observed our case and assured that we would be blessed with a child soon. Santji did ardaas to Almighty Waheguru and did "karaj" and gave his blessings. Very soon, my wife conceived and we had a girl child in April 1999.
In June 1998, my father had lost his physical and mental consciousness and was bed ridden. He was on the verge of leaving for heavenly abode. Santji through his divine foresight observed the case. He did ardaas to "Wahe Guru", and assured me that my father would livefor another five years hale and hearty. He did karaj to heal him mentally and physically. As assured by Santji, my father lived hale and hearty for another five years. Santji through his spiritual discourses showed the path of "Naam Simran" and imbibed in me the habit of reciting "Wahe Guru" regularly.
My cousin sister Roopa is another beneficiary of Santji's blessings and prayers. After four months of her marriage, developed serious differences with her husband and she could not live at her husbands' home and came back to her parents. A legal separation was on the card. I persuaded her to go to Santji to seek his blessings and divine intervention.
After observing her case, Santji assured thar her married life would be normalised and her husband and inlaws would take her back to their home with respect and dignity. Santji did ardaas and karaj for her and prayed to Wahe Guru. As assured by Santji, her husband and inlaws took her back with dignity and honour with in 2 months. With the blessings of santji, she was blessed with a girl child soon. Now, she is leading happy married life for the last 15years.
Similarly, hundreds of persons who got the chance to meet Santji and seek his blessings have benefitted from asdaas, karaj and nprayers done by Santji. Their profession, business, marital issues, progency issues, health, studies, etc have been set right by the divine powers of Santji. Santji's satsung has made deep inroads into the minds and hearts of hundreds of devotees made them a better human being with clear conscience and inner love for Wahe Guru. It is only due to blessings of Santji that I have been visting 'Gurudwaras' regularly and pray to "Wahe Guru" - Waheguru ji ka Khalsa Waheguru ji ki Fateh...
Manish kumar
106, Behra Enclave
Paschim vihar,
New Delhi

  • Satnaam Shri Waheguru
I am Harinder Singh , 36 years old. Before meeting Babaji my family was incomplete. 8 years of our marriage had passed and we were yet to be blessed with a child.
My wife Jaspreet kaur and I both of us were having medical issues beacause we consulted with many doctors and as per doctors' reports our reports were not positive. Doctor said that jaspreet's baby tubes were blocked. she cannot concieve ever. After knowing this my wife got depressed.
One day i was surfing net. I saw Babajis' site.Then we decided to meet Babaji. When we met Babaji for the first time we felt divine powers. We shared our problem with him. Then, Babaji through his divine foresight observed our case, He did ardaas to Almighty Waheguru and did "karaj". He gave holy water to us to drink regularly. After 8 months my wife concieved. Babaji blessed us with a healthy baby girl.
Now, we are a complete family and now my baby girl is of 5 years and her name is Harjas kaur.
Today I have my complete family, my daughter, my home, everything is given by him. I am truely grateful to Babaji and always want to seek his blessings in my life.
Harinder singh
West Patel Nagar
New Delhi

  • Satnaam Shri Waheguru
Myself Rajinder Singh. I am glad to share my views with eveyone. I am 65 years old. few years back, suddenly i got ill. I went to hospital to consult the doctor, he did many check ups, after few days doctor declared that I am on the last stage of Asthma. but, he was also not sure and confident about it. doctor started my treatment for Asthma. after some time instead of recovering my body got stucked and stopped functioning. I got depended on an oxygen. no medicines were reacting. my body was not responding. One day my daughter heared about Babaji. she decided to meet babaji. she met babaji and told him about my condition and he saw my photograph as, I was not in condition to go anywhere. Babaji said to my daughter that this is not a medical issue.
Babaji said to her that he will visit at our place to see . Next day he came at my home to heal me . This continued for 3 days. He healed me. those 3 days were not less than any miracoulous days for me because I spent those days wihout an oxygen mask. this cured me gradually my oxygen mask were removed. he gave me holy water to drink regularly.
After 3 months i met babaji personally at their place. I visited their without any help of oxgyen or any support . this generated my and my family's strong belief towards babaji.
I am grateful to babaji from my whole heart that he saved my life and gave me new birth and I always need babji's blessings in my life.

Rajinder Singh
Sudharshan Park
Kirti Nagar , New Delhi- 18

  • Satnaam Shri Waheguru
Myself Jasdeep Kaur I am glad to share my views with eveyone.Seldom you have an opportunity of finding the true meaning of what praying to lord is all about. With all misconceptions, doubts and sufferings we turned to babajee and got an answer to all the questions plaguing fickle mind. I’ll share the experience by relating the story of my family. My mother wasn’t keeping well since long. Though we had seen several specialists and doctors but couldn’t find the cure to or the root of her problem. None of the medicines worked neither her condition was improving. When told to see babajee by someone in the family, I contained myself like every time to see her doing well again on his assistance. The best thing was he is true believer of ik onkar, that almighty above is with us all the time. Though my papa believed that kneeling only in front of him would bestow best on us. Babajee made us believe in almighty again that there are bad times , but there are good times again. Taking his name once, twice or thrice is not enough if you don’t put your heart in it.

For everything that happens in the world, he is the lone person we should turn to as he controls everything. This trust from within was the sole reason my mumma started improving. the trust we gained with guidance and right direction from them, made us believe in god almighty again as the creator of good and destroyer of bad and evil.

I was not an atheist but neither a follower of idol worship. With his skillful explanation and guidance I found answers to all my doubts in guru granth sahib.

I cannot be more thankful to him, he just dint made the pain , suffering go away but bring us back to what we hold as epitome of goodness, ik onkar and guru granth sahib.

Jasdeep Kaur
Fateh Nagar
New Delhi-18

The remembrance of God - Nam marg is the essence of Sikhism. The repetition of the sikh mantra Waheguru is an invocation of this Holy spirit. Life without Naam or Simran is barren & meaningless.

The remembrance of God - Naam marg is the essence of Sikhism. . . .